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New Divisions, Trophies Intact

By Jeremy Published: June 14, 2010

When you consider the addition of Nebraska, the rivalries, historic trophies, and regional locations of the other BigTen Schools, it's not difficult to come up with the Divisions. Here they are. These will take effect next season.
In the parenthesis there are two numbers... the first, their seed for this season(of course Nebraska isn't playing in the bigten this season so it's hypothetical), the second number is the approximate seeding for all-time production. The West! Nebraska(3/3)) Iowa(2/5)) Wisconsin(4/7) Northwestern(8/10] Minnesota(9/11) Illinois(12/8] 6.84ave
The East! Ohio St.(1/2)) Michigan(5/1)) Penn St.(6/4) Michigan St.(7/6) Purdue(11/9) Indiana(10/12) 6.17ave
The first thing to note is that Nebraska helps balance things out by adding another strong team in the West. You cannot break up Ohio State/Michigan... it's not the argument about being able to play every yr even though they're in different divisions.... the fact is you have to keep them in the same division because the traditionalists, and the Ohio State/Michigan fans DO NOT want to see a rematch of the biggest rivalry in College Football. Quit thinking it - it will NEVER happen. They'll be in the same division, the game will remain as each teams' final regular season game, and now it will likely have a conference championship game berth on the line - as if the game needed anymore excitement. And don't think that Penn St. won't always be in the mix in the East - because more often than not, they will. While the East has the two strongest teams traditionally, they also have the two weakest. This format also keeps most of the traditional 'Trophy' rivalries intact.
Look at it.... it's practically perfect... The Heartland Trophy between Iowa/Wisconsin = Still intact. The Old Oaken Bucket between Indiana and Purdue = still intact. The Sweet Sioux/Land of Lincoln Trophy between Ill/NW = still intact. Floyd of Rosedale between Iowa/Minn = still intact. Paul's axe between Minn/Wisc = still intact, and his trophy between Mich/MSU ALSO = still intact. These games will continue to be played on an annual basis. The only historic trophy that would be lost(at least on an annual basis).... The inauspicious 'Illibuck' trophy.... perhaps the least recognized of the bunch. So you see, not only is the Mich/OSU rivalry kept where every BigTen fan wants it, but all those historic trophies stay intact under this division.
For those worried about the integration of Division play.... DON'T. TO use the Ohio State 2011 schedule as an example... NOT A SINGLE GAME ON THEIR ENTIRE SCHEDULE would have to be changed... rt now all 5 other teams in their division are already on the schedule, as well as 3 from the other division. It will stay that way... 8 conference games... 5 in-division and 3 out of division(which will rotate between teams from the other division).

As for the Championship game.... Put Indianapolis as the odds-on favorite. Other possibilities include Cincinnati, Chicago, and Detroit.

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