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2010 Depth Chart Projections

By Jeremy Published: January 7, 2010

depth chart projections and other 2010 buckeye predictions

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By Jeremy Published: January 2, 2010

Let's be honest. The Big Ten's reputation has taken a beating lately. The conference supremacy tides had shifted towards the SEC, and everyone watched as they struck up a deal with sports media giant ESPN. One conference, the Big Ten, was thought to have fallen the furthest. They certainly had become the most scrutinized. Before yesterday's Oregon/Ohio State game, 3 of the 4 ESPN panelists didn't hesitate to pick Oregon, even Ohio State's own Kirk Herbstreit.

For those that say Ohio State can't win the big game - I point to the 5-3 BCS bowl record, and ask, "How many BCS games has your team played in"?

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