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Win up front and you win Ohio State-Wisconsin

By Dan Published: October 13, 2010

By Rusty Miller
Associated Press

COLUMBUS: When top-ranked Ohio State meets No. 18 Wisconsin on Saturday, the game will be decided by a couple of precious yards — the ones between their respective offensive and defensive lines.

Not all the featured characters will be household names. Joining Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor, the key Buckeyes will be guys like J.B. Shugarts and Nathan Williams. Difference-makers for Wisconsin will include Louis Nzegwu and Peter Konz.

The lines, so to speak, are clearly drawn.

The muscular Badgers want to enforce their will on the Buckeyes by running when and where they want. When Ohio State has the ball, it will try to balance things out.

And the no man's land between the linemen could determine the outcome.

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