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A Woman and Her Car

By Classiccargal Published: June 12, 2009

100th Anniversary of Alice Ramsey's Cross-Country Journey


Tuesday, June 9 marked the 100th anniversary of Alice Ramsey's tour across the United States. In the midst of an era when women were expected to tend to the house and children, 22-year old Alice Ramsey broke free of that image as she ventured from New York City to San Francisco in a 1909 Maxwell DA--becoming the first woman to drive across America.

Nearly 10-years before women even gained the right to vote, Alice Ramsey and three of her female companions pushed through treacherous weather, exhaustion, terrain, and mechanical barriers for 59-days before making it to their destination in San Francisco. Although simply a publicity act for the Maxwell-Briscoe Company, the adventure meant much more to Alice Ramsey--a monument in her life and a milestone for all women. And that momentous act still plays a role in the life of many women today. Alice's story carries with it the zeal, dedication, and inspiration that are often required for many women to be successful in any primarily male-dominated field.

Emily Anderson of Seattle, Washington was one of the women touched by Alice Ramsey's story. In honor of Alice's century-old feat, Emily pulled away from 1930 Broadway in New York City Tuesday morning in a 1909 Maxwell DA to re-create the cross-country adventure. Her father restored a Maxwell to match the original automobile and Emily will arrive in San Francisco at the same location where Alice Ramsey ended.

According to, Emily is scheduled to be in Peninsula, Ohio Sunday June 14 before continuing her journey. Interestingly, Emily and the 1909 Maxwell will be returning to Ohio September 18-20 as guests of this year's Glenmoor Gathering of Significant Automobiles in Canton. Two great opportunities to be a part of this historical event and support the upcoming of women in the collector car industry!



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