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Arizona Auctions Still Amazing After All These Years

By Autosaurus Published: January 23, 2009

I just returned from the annual auctions in Scottsdale, Arizona.  My tastes lean toward true antique and classic automobiles so I spent very little time at the Barrett-Jackson auction.  That auction, thanks to the Speed Channel, gets a lot of hype-and most of my friends thought that's where I was when they learned I was in Arizona.  I prefer the auctions conducted by RM and Gooding & Company.  Frankly, I don't go there expecting to buy a car but, instead, I enjoy visiting with my car collector friends throughout the country.  For me the B-J offerings were pretty pedestrian.  The Russo & Steele sale offered nicer cars, but the truly "wow" stuff was at the RM and Gooding sales.  Having said that, I'm still amazed a how many people buy cars at auction.  For me, I have to really know a car before I'll lay out the kind of money that's spent of many of these cars.  I want to hear that car run, drive it, check out its history, and so on.  Seeing so many cars sold at auction to buyers who don't really know the cars is for the ongoing phenomenon of the Arizona auctions.



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