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Auto-Related Christmas Gifts I Could Have Done Without

By Autosaurus Published: January 2, 2009

Well, another Christmas and with it the usual presents under the tree-some great and some not-so-great.  Specifically, I'm referring to automotive-related presents, since many of my family and friends know I'm a car guy.  Every year I get a few car-related gifts and I have to tell you that some of them really miss the mark.  I suppose the gifts could fall into several categories.  First is clothing.  I have never seen so many bad neckties as auto-related neckties.  Most are bad, some are horrendous.  Next there is automotive "artwork."  Most automotive artwork is so-so, with the exception of a few artists, who really know how to capture automobile in paint or in sculpture.  Then there are automotive books.  Again, there are a lot of bad automobile books.  Most seem to have been published just to put something on the bookshelves of book stores.  Finally, there are tools.  There's nothing more useless than cheap Chinese or Taiwan tools that break the first time they encounter any stress.  Hey, buy me something practical-a case of 10w40 oil. 

How about you?  What auto-related gifts have you received that you could have done without?

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