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Clock Tender- Extending the Life of Collector Car Clocks

By Classiccargal Published: November 9, 2009

Most collector car owners know how difficult it can sometimes be to fix and maintain clocks in vintage vehicles. The mechanical movements and points of these clocks typically wear out after only a few years of service, but now there is now an easy way to greatly extend the life of your clock€” it's called the Clock Tender.

The Clock Tender works by electrically activating your clock once every four hours, giving it a total of about one half hour of exercise per day. Some car owners believe the best way to preserve a clock's life of their clock is to let it completely run down and stop after the electrical source has been disconnected. However, that method is not good for the clock because it needs to be exercised periodically throughout the day to maintain its proper operating condition.

Designed by a highly talented engineer who now serves as a professor of Automobile Restoration Technology, the Clock Tender is the perfect answer to maintaining the longevity of the clock in your collector car. With winter quickly approaching and collector cars being prepped for storage, this is the perfect time to put your Clock Tender to use. To find out more about the Clock Tender or to order yours, visit



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