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Communication is Crucial When Restoring a Car

By Autosaurus Published: December 5, 2008

During these winter months many of us use that time to perform not just maintenance on our collector cars but restoration work, as well.  Paying someone to work on your car can become very expensive very quickly.  I've learned the importance of not only getting an estimate from the restorer but maintaining regular communications.  An estimate is just that-an estimate.  Restoring old cars isn't like have work done on your modern car, where mechanics can pretty much follow the book.  When it comes to old cars there can be plenty of surprises as things are taken apart.  I know; I've been there.  I would add 20% to whatever a restorer tells you and expect more. And, if this is a long-term project, there should be monthly billing with details on work performed, parts purchased, etc.  It should go without saying that a car owner must do his/her homework before choosing a restorer.  It's not just enough to see the restorer's work.  And, remember, a car restoration is a partnership between the owner and restorer.  Both parties must be candid and honest with one another and, again, communicate clearly.  There's a shared responsibility.  I've seen this work out well-and, unfortunately, not so well.



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