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Duesenberg is Best in Show at Glenmoor

By Steven Brooks Published: September 25, 2012
A 1929 Duesenberg model J phaeton by Murphy was named Best in Show at the 18th annual Glenmoor Gathering, which was held September 16 at Glenmoor Country Club near Canton.  The Duesenberg is owned by Charles Letts of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, who has owned the car since 1954.  Another Duesenberg shared the spotlight at this year’s Gathering—a 1935 SJ roadster known as the “Mormon Meteor.”  It was built at the Duesenberg factory in Indianapolis for famed auto racer Ab Jenkins, who took the Duesenberg to the Utah salt flats, where is set 24-hour land speed records.   Also on display were six authentic 1948 Tuckers plus a Tucker prop car that was built for the 1987 movie “Tucker: A Man and His Dream” as well as a modern Tucker replica built by a New Jersey custom car builder.  This was another fantastic show field that also included TransAtlantics (European cars with American engines), micro cars, early supercharged cars and 22 Allards.  There was also a vintage motorcycle class that featured 1928-48 American motorcycles and included several four-cylinder bikes as well as rare makes such as Henderson, Excelsior and Cleveland.  Wayne Carini of “Chasing Classic Cars” was there, as was Andrew Beckman of the Studebaker National Museum.  All in all, it was a pretty impressive show.  Hard to believe that something this wonderful takes place in our backyard in northeast Ohio.



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