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Great Hiring News from GM!

By Steven S. Brooks Published: May 17, 2012
General Motors’ Cadillac Division has been on a roll. Over the past five years, they have totally revamped their offerings and changed their image to be more in line with offerings from BMW. This strategy has worked wonders and business continues to surge.
In August, Cadillac will be rolling out its latest model, the ATS. It is a smaller, rear wheel drive sedan built to compete with the BMW 3 series, the Mercedes C-Class and the Audi A4. GM expects this to be Cadillac’s largest selling model.
Even more interesting than the car itself is the fact that GM has hired 600 new workers to staff the plant in Lansing, Michigan, where the ATS will be built. Again, these are NEW workers, not people recalled from layoff. That pool has been exhausted and the re-energized American car industry is again creating new jobs. Certainly a great step in the right direction and, hopefully, a sign of even greater things to come.



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