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How Do Car People Cope with Winter in Northeast Ohio!?

By Autosaurus Published: February 6, 2009

I think I've finally had it with Ohio winters.  Recent years have been "cold and wintery," with a fair amount of the white stuff, but this year winter has been downright nasty.  Sub-freezing temperatures for weeks!  Icy roads!  Tons of salt!  It's almost impossible to open a garage door to allow one's collector car to start and idle for a few minutes. There are only so many car museums to visit.  I thought to myself-"How do other car collectors cope with northeast Ohio winters?"  What do they do?  Work on their cars-maintenance or restorations?  Travel to warm places where people can drive collector cars?  Rent movies about cars ("Grand Prix," "Le Mans")?  Get together with fellow car collectors and talk about cars?  What about it?  What works for you?   I need some suggestions.




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