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Car Chase

It’s time for a car blog and is the place

By Autosaurus Published: September 5, 2008

There are plenty of places to find out where all the cruise-ins are taking place. But where do you go when you have a car question (we just found this '39 Lincoln on blocks in my Uncle Rex's garage) or if you have an automotive history question ("What was the first car with air conditioning?" see below for answer) Or, if you just want to get something off your chest?

Blogs are a great place for opinions. Henry Ford once weighed in on the merits of six-cylinder engines versus his Model T's four-cylinder version with the comment that "an automobile doesn't need more cylinders that a cow has teats." There's also a classic quote that involves opinions and posteriors but we won't go there.

Car Chase is the place to post your opinions and ask your questions. Hopefully, it'll also be the place for answers. In any case, it should be fun.

(First car with air conditioning: Packard in 1939.)



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