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Perfect Weather for an Autumn Drive

By Classiccargal Published: October 20, 2009

According to the weather report for the Canton-Akron area on, it seems that today and tomorrow may be the best and possibly the only days left in October to get your classic car out of the garage for a cruise.

With temperatures from the mid to high 60's and a fairly low chance of precipitation, I hope to see many collector cars out and about today. So pull off that car cover, open the garage door and put your foot on the gas pedal to enjoy a couple more rides before winter!

I'm certain that each person has their own favorite place to drive their collector car€” and being new to the area I would love for you to share those places with me. Is it to the movie theatre? The ice cream parlor? Down a long, winding road where you can take in the beautiful colors of the trees?



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