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Car Chase

Should I buy a motorcycle?

By Steven S. Brooks Published: August 13, 2011

I know this blog is called "Car Chase" but, for the first time in my life, I have a serious interest in owning and riding a motorcycle. Don't ask me why, but I wandered into the Northern Ohio Ducati and Triumph dealership a few months ago and was dazzled by the motorcycles there. The dealership, surprisingly located in the Chapel Hill area, had just gone through a major expansion and renovation. Road bikes, sport bikes and race models filled the floor. The bright red Ducatis looked like they were going a hundred miles per hour just sitting there and the classic Triumph designs brought back great memories of my younger days.

 I thought the desire for a motorcycle would just go away but it seems the craving just gets stronger. Having never owned or seriously ridden a motorcycle, I am asking the sage counsel of our readership. What has been your motorcycle experience? What questions should I be asking myself and the seller? What features should I be looking for?



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