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Sign of the Times

By Steven S. Brooks Published: December 8, 2008

I was looking at today's classifieds (doesn't everyone?) and noticed something that I found very interesting. There were only ten listings in the "Antique and Classic" cars for sale section. Within those ten listings, only six had cars that were actually for sale. The other four were offering services such as chrome plating or promoting events such as future swap meets.

As a contrast to the six ads with antique cars for sale, today has thirteen classified listings for towing companies that will come and pick up your old for free. Some of these overly generous individuals will even pay you scrap value for your old car. What a deal!

This is how many of the great Classic cars of the twenties and thirties were lost forever. The tough economic times of the Great Depression followed by the need for raw material to feed the giant war machine of WWII necessitated, for very different reasons that these cars would be sold for scrap. Thankfully, we're not currently involved in a world war but there's no doubt that we are facing our toughest economic times in seventy years, both individually and as a country. With massive losses in stock values and a record number of job cuts, many people are forced to quickly dispose of things in order to survive. At the same time, hauling and scrap businesses play an important role in our economy. I just hope that people are not put in a position sell their collector cars at greatly undervalued prices or even scrap because of ignorance or unscrupulous business practices.



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