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Sunday – or Anyday Drives

By Eleanor Published: July 20, 2010

One of my great childhood memories is evenings spent in the family car going nowhere in particular. Sometimes it was a spring night to smell the flowers beginning to bloom or maybe the hot humid summer nights when it was cooler with the windows down in the car than in the house. They are memories of all of us just enjoying being together and the peaceful knowledge that Dad always knows where he's at. Now, I will admit that many times we ended up at one of the ice cream shops that we frequented but mostly it was just driving. We spotted lightning bugs and deer, admired sunsets and moonrises and watched for shooting stars.

 These days my husband and I use evening drives to destress after a busy day or enjoy some quality us time. Whether it's in our Vue or on our scooter, we still spot deer and lightening bugs and thoroughly enjoy sunsets, moonrises and star gazing. During the day, one of our favorite things is to pick a road and follow it until it ends. We have come across local festivals, explored historic cemeteries and discovered new favorite restaurants. But mostly we just take in the beauty that is northeast Ohio, the beauty we all too quickly speed by in our quest to get from one place to another.

 Where are your favorite drives to nowhere?



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