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Time for the “Sweetest Place on Earth”

By Autosaurus Published: September 25, 2008

Well,  it's time for many of us to make the annual trek to Hershey, Pennsylvania for the annual AACA Fall Swap Meet.  Official dates are October 7-10.  I've been going for years so I can say "it ain't what it used to be."   eBay is only part of the problem.  The Hershey Company (not the candy company), which owns two of the major hotels and much of the real estate has made sure it gets its share.  A few years ago they established a minimum three night stays at their hotels (the Lodge and the Hotel) and a mandatory Saturday night stay.  Yesssir, just those friendly folks at "the sweetest place on earth," as they like to bill themselves.  And, although the meet is supposed to focus on cars and parts, the AACA will let vendors sell just about anything.  I've seen everything for sale, from maple syrup to furniture.  So why continue to go?  Mostly to visit with old friends and sell a few parts.  I remember seeing a guy wearing a t-shirt a few years ago that read "A day at Hershey in the rain is better than a day at home with my wife."

He had a slight limp.



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