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Glenmoor Gathering Looking for Cleveland-Built Cars

By Autosaurus Published: May 18, 2010

Just learned that the Glenmoor Gathering, which will be held in September at Glenmoor Country Club near Canton, is featuring €œHistoric Motorcars of Cleveland€ at this year's event.  I suppose most people don't know that Cleveland had a pretty good car industry and at one time actually rivaled Detroit.  Some famous cars were built in Cleveland, including the Peerless, Winton, Jordan and White, which built both steam and internal combustion cars.

There were also at least two electric car companies in Cleveland, the Baker and the Rauch & Lang.  There was actually a car named the Cleveland.  It was built by the Chandler car company.  The last automobile was built in Cleveland in 1932, although White continued to build trucks.   If you have one of these cars or know someone who does, let them know.  The guy in charge is David Schultz. 

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