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What got you into old cars?

By Autosaurus Published: November 13, 2008

What got you into old cars?  Were you always an old car person-or did you get into the hobby later in life?  I truly can't remember when I wasn't interested in old cars.  As a kid, I built the Highway Pioneers series of old cars-Stanley Steamer, Ford Model T, Studebaker electric and others instead of cars of the era.  But the big event in my life was a visit to the Old Car festival at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. One of my grandfathers took me.  This was a show featuring cars owned by collectors.  Only cars built before 1925 were on display.  The show had everything you could imagine-steam cars, electric cars and gasoline engine cars.  My grandfather showed me the car on which he learned to drive-a Brush, with a wooden front axle. I was hooked.  I bought many of the old car books reprinted by Floyd Clymer.  They were packed with information and photos of these early cars.  I never became interested in muscle cars.  It was antique cars for me!  How about you?



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