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Car Chase

What kind of car will LeBron drive out of town?

By Steven S. Brooks Published: July 14, 2010

The debate over LeBron's decision to play for the Miami Heat has been and will continue to be discussed ad nauseum but, fear not, this will not happen on Car Chase! We are realists and, as such, need to focus on matters of real importance.

 Not unlike many young and wealthy professional athletes, LeBron James has assembled a collection of interesting cars to drive or be ferried around in. As he has proven to deliberate long and hard about important decisions, I'm sure he's already thinking about which of his fleet he will choose to whisk him away to the airport for that final time. Please vote for your choice and feel free to comment as to why you made this choice.

                                                                                  ~ Ferrari Convertible. It's his fastest car and he definitely doesn't want to waste any more time in Ohio.

~ Range Rover. The world's greatest off-road SUV. He can roll over any obstacles (like piles of burning jerseys) that may get in his way.

~ Custom Mercedes Sprinter van. With the blacked out windows, no one will even notice. All the while he can be practicing his NBA video game skills inside.



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