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Can it almost be time to drive our collector cars?!

By Autosaurus Published: February 16, 2011

The rising temperatures this week stirred many of us into hoping that even warmer temperatures are ahead€”which means we can get our collector cars on the road!  Right now, it's tempting but there is still too much salt residue on the roads.  In some areas the piles of snow are resulting in wet, sloppy streets.  What should you be doing to get your collector car ready for spring driving?  Assuming you properly stored it last fall, it shouldn't take much.  And, assuming you started the car at least once a month and ran it for 15-20 minutes, you shouldn't have to spray any lubricants into the cylinder walls before starting.  If, however, the car was in dead storage for several months it's a good idea to pull the plugs, squirt oil into the cylinders (I prefer Marvel Mystery Oil) and let sit for at least 24 hours.   My vintage car mechanic actually has a check list he follows for taking a car out of winter storage.  Among the most important points are: Make sure all fluids are topped off, including the battery (if it's a conventional battery).   My mechanic stresses the importance of checking the transmission and differential for proper fluid levels€”it's often overlooked because it takes extra effort.  The electrical system should also be checked€”particularly brake lights.   If you discover any problems perhaps the sweeties in the accompanying photo can make a house call.

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