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Car Chase

What’s hiding in your garage?

By Steven S. Brooks Published: October 28, 2008

The sad news from yesterday's storage building fire in Sharon Township is all over the print, broadcast and internet media. The good news is that, miraculously, no one was injured. The bad news is that a lot of people lost things that they valued very highly, especially automobiles. It appears that most of these units are used for storage of personal goods. Modern Americans have apparently reverted to a type of hunting and gathering society but, rather than doing this for subsistence, we gather and keep stuff to satisfy things further up Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs such as self esteem and a sense of achievement.

Car people are probably the best examples of modern day hunters and gatherers. No garage, basement or barn is ever big enough. Even in challenging economic times, we'll find ways to acquire automotive related stuff (cars, parts, toys, literature, and memorabilia) to satisfy our craving. Trust me on this for I speak from experience. My nice, everyday cars often sit outside so that derelict junk-heaps can take their honored space in the garage. What automotive passion is taking up your valuable space?



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