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Car Chase

What’s the worst car you ever had?

By Steven S. Brooks Published: October 27, 2008

As I was researching the Edsel for an upcoming "What were they thinking" post, I noticed that it had been named to the list of the fifty worst cars of all time. I don't necessarily agree with that thought and I'll explain my reasons in that future post. Nonetheless, it got me to thinking of bad cars that I've driven. Ironically, the worst car I've ever had is universally recognized as one of the greatest cars of all time, the Jaguar XKE. Even though I still believe it is one of the top ten aesthetic car designs of all time, my particular '65 coupe was a rolling wreck. It looked great with shiny red paint and a sumptuous black leather interior but the constant stream of parts falling off and electrical gremlins brought me to the point of hating to look at it. I won't even talk about the inadequate brakes and the contortionist-only ergonomics. That Jag truly epitomized the old B-52's song, "The devil is in my car"! It's been gone from my garage for thirty years now but I still wince a bit when I see one at a car show. With Halloween approaching, I'd like to hear your automotive horror story.



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