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Car Chase

What’s your fantasy car?

By Steven S. Brooks Published: November 4, 2008

Election Day is finally here. Since both presidential candidates have promised us that they will return our country to prosperity almost instantly, it's time to start fantasizing again.

Everyone has a dream car regardless if they are a car person or not. Whether it's a totally reliable and economical mode of transportation they can keep forever or if it's Speed Racer's Mach 5 brought to life, we all have a fantasy of some sort of automotive unobtanium. Like any decent fantasy, it's OK if your dream car changes periodically.

My current fantasy car is a 1932 Lincoln Brunn Doublentree. Hermann Brunn of Buffalo was one of the premier coachbuilders of the Classic Era. He was a favorite of royalty and industrialists worldwide, including Henry and Edsel Ford. As a result, Lincoln automobiles were one of his favorite palettes. Brunn saw a Pinin Farina concept of a dual opening door on a Lancia show car in the early thirties. This excited him and he immediately licensed the concept and put his engineers to work adapting for use in large American Classics. The first example he made for the 1932 New York Auto Salon was a Lincoln Convertible Victoria. The 64" wide door opened both ways and was large enough so that rear seat passengers did not need to fold the front seat forward to enter or exit. The concept drew large crowds at the show. The show car was immediately sold as was a second commission. Surprisingly, no more were ever made after those two examples. Neither one has been seen since the start of World War II, but I have fantasies about discovering one.

Now that you know my automotive fantasy, let's hear yours.



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