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Perfect Weather for an Autumn Drive

By Classiccargal Published: October 20, 2009

According to the weather report for the Canton-Akron area on, it seems that today and tomorrow may be the best and possibly the only days left in October to get your classic car out of the garage for a cruise.

With temperatures from the mid to high 60's and a fairly low chance of precipitation, I hope to see many collector cars out and about today. So pull off that car cover, open the garage door and put your foot on the gas pedal to enjoy a couple more rides before winter!

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The "Sweetest" Automobile Event

By Autosaurus Published: October 12, 2009

I just returned from the annual pilgrimage to Hershey, Pennsylvania to attend the annual AACA Fall Meet.  With 9,000 spaces, this is the biggest vintage automobile flea market in North America; I don't know of one any bigger.  The weather€”which is a major factor for an outdoor event like this€”was reasonably good this year.  High winds on Wednesday uprooted a few tents, but it was milder on Thursday.  There were intermittent showers on Friday and it poured on Friday evening and early Saturday, but the car show scheduled for Saturday took place.  Approximately 1,300 cars were registered.  (Remember, all vehicles 25 years and older now qualify for AACA membership, so that means a 1984 Dodge van can be displayed.)  For the first time there were rooms available at the Hershey Lodge and other hotels.  There were many open spaces in the flea market.  AACA stated all spaces were paid for so these were expensive €œno shows.€  It was good to be there again, but the number of pre-war parts and literature (which interest me) is dwindling and there's too much non-automotive junk for sale. Truth be told, most people probably go just to be around other car people, see old friends and tell car stories.   If they find some needed parts, so much the better.  There were many international visitors; I visited with people from England, Mexico, Netherlands, France, Spain and Germany.  A number of cars were sold to foreign collectors.

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The Lamest Day— Ohio’s 24 Hours of LeMons race

By Classiccargal Published: October 7, 2009

For the first time this past weekend, I experienced the 24 Hours of LeMons held at the Nelson Ledges Road Track in Garrettsville and let me tell you, it was an event to remember! If you are not familiar with the 24 Hours of LeMons event, the brief description of it is a 24 hour race of cobbled together cars that have a total value of $500 or less (not including the cost of safety equipment such as a roll cage and safety harness). You can get all the details by visiting their website at Some people may call it a €œmockery of racing€ but most just call it a good time.

Over 130 race cars entered the event€”the most in LeMons history. Race teams showed up from all over the eastern United States and Canada with their race cars held together by JB-weld, bondo and even duck tape. Each team and car had their own story and personality€”everything from a 1987 Russian-built Lada Signet to a 1961 pink Cadillac and a Chevy €œVanamino.€ Battling Ohio's wet, windy and cold weather, about 120 race cars entered the track at Noon on Saturday as the green flag dropped (those who didn't start the race were ones who did not pass inspection€”it may not seem like it, but the race does actually have standards!)

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Will you miss Saturn?

By Steven S. Brooks Published: October 5, 2009

Unsurprisingly, GM (I don't know if it was the new GM or the old GM) announced the other day that Saturn was being closed down immediately and permanently. It was originally reported several months ago that Roger Penske was buying all of Saturn, except for the Spring Hill Tennessee manufacturing facility, to fold into his vast automotive empire. Apparently, he recently came to his senses and killed the deal.<

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