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What will happen at the big January auctions?

By Autosaurus Published: November 18, 2008

The big Arizona auctions are just around the corner-January 2009.  The one that gets most publicity, thanks to the Speed Channel, is the Barrett-Jackson auction.  There are at least four other auctions during the month.  Gooding & Company, RM Auctions, Russo & Steele and the venerable Kruse Auction. There may be others-who knows?  Gooding and RM will have the big classics and exotic foreign cars.  Russo & Steele is all about muscle and collector cars.  Then there's Barrett-Jackson, which offers an eclectic group of cars, mostly muscle and collector cars.  However, anything can show up there and usually does.  Last year B-J sold a creation called Robosaurus, which destroyed cars.  This year, their off-the-wall offering is bit tamer-a Ford Tri-Motor airplane.  What will happen at these auctions?  Will the prices be down, as a result of the crummy state of the economy?  My hunch is the great cars will still command great prices but the average stuff won't do as well.  And I think the muscle car market has cooled-off quite a bit.  But that's just my opinion.  How about you?



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