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Where do We Go from Here?

By Classiccargal Published: July 2, 2009

As a young adult passionate about automobiles, I strive to attend every car show and event possible. However, I have noticed that almost every car show has a weak representation of young people, primarily teens to early-twenties. I have often wondered why this is€” is it because old cars just aren't fascinating enough for the generation raised with high-tech computers, palm-sized cellular phones, and satellite radios installed in their daily driver? Or is it that €œyoungsters€ don't appreciate the beauty of finely detailed craftsmanship, engineering, and technology? Maybe it's the pricy cost of admission for some shows that steer them away. Or maybe they are just too naive to recognize the true value of an automobile€”new or old€”beyond the paint scheme and accessories.


What do you believe is the reason for the majority of this generation to turn their nose up at or overlook collector cars? And how do we appeal to this age group? How do we get them enthusiastic about collector cars so that the industry remains sturdy and does not slowly disappear with each €œold timer€ that we sadly loose?



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