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Which car should you have kept?

By Steven S. Brooks Published: October 1, 2008

As crazy as I am about cars, my dad was the polar opposite. Cars, to him, were strictly a tool to get him from one place to another. The size of their engines, zero to sixty acceleration times and the latest innovations in suspension technology were all lumped together in the category of useless and irrelevant trivia.

Despite this fact, he just about always drove cool cars. I attribute it to the fact that he was always conscious about his appearance and very particular about the way he dressed. Maybe he felt that a car's appearance reflected on him the very same way. Regardless, his early cars were Chevy Roadsters and V8 Ford Phaetons. He then moved up to Classics like Pierce Arrows and Cadillac convertibles. After the war, he took a liking to Lincolns. As a newborn, I was brought home from City Hospital in a fastback Lincoln Cosmopolitan which was soon traded in on new Buick Roadmaster which eventually gave way to a tri-color, tri-power (he didn't know it had three carbs) Bonneville hardtop. You get the drift. Even though he never regretted trading in a car, I sure wish some of those gems were in my stable today.

Since you're reading this blog, I'm assuming that you have more than a passing interest in automobiles. So, as an enthusiast, my question to you is; which car have you gotten rid of that you really wish you had back? Whether it's a Pinto or a Pantera, I really want to know. As a lifelong enthusiast, I realized long ago that it's the people and the stories behind the cars that make this hobby so great. I look forward to reading your "car that got away" story.



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