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Will you miss Pontiac or Saturn?

By Steven S. Brooks Published: February 19, 2009

GM announced this week, as part of their restructuring plan, that they would be eliminating the Pontiac and Saturn brands by 2011. Even though the current batch of re-branded Opels that Saturn is now selling are generally regarded as very good cars, the pitiful quality of the initial offerings from Spring Hill soured most enthusiasts forever.

Pontiac, on the other hand, is a totally different story. John DeLorean, as head of Pontiac in the €˜60's, immortalized himself as the creator of the mid-size muscle car segment with the iconic GTO. Art Fitzpatrick's "Wide Track Pontiac" ads from the late €˜50's and €˜60's are still regarded as one of the pinnacles of automotive advertising. Locally, Knafel Pontiac's legendary "Tin Indian" Pontiac race cars dominated the national drag racing scene in the €˜60's, much like Greg Anderson's Summit Racing sponsored Pontiac does today.

Is this heritage worth saving or is it good riddance to both?



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