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Will your winter project be ready for spring?

By Steven S. Brooks Published: February 19, 2009

I don't have to tell anyone that it's been an unusually long and difficult winter. The only positive is that it gave us more garage time to work on our winter projects.

Now that we're just four weeks from the first day of spring (hallelujah!), it's time to thinking about finishing those projects and getting them ready for the road. The attached photo shows Gene Blackford of the Red Lacquer Room and a group of his friends who helped him resurrect the legendary Polynesian custom from a 35+ year slumber, just in time for its debut at the 2005 Glenmoor Gathering. It was a monumental undertaking but the results were well worth the effort for a car of such historic significance.

Whether your winter project was a full restoration, an engine rebuild or just a new set of wheels and tires, we want to know what you're getting ready for spring. It might motivate me to finish that engine installation I've been putting off since November...



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