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Winter Season is Upon Us Again!

By Autosaurus Published: December 11, 2010

The collector car season has pretty much come to an end in northeast Ohio, that is, the driving portion of the hobby.  Once the white stuff appears in the skies and€”more ominously€”the dreaded salt trucks begin their rounds most collectors put their cars in mothballs€”in many cases, literally.  I own collector cars with wool interiors and I place a canister of mothballs inside the cars when I put them away for the winter; the stronger smelling the better.  I don't want moths€”or small critters€”nesting in the car over the winter.  Does that actually happen?  You bet!  Ask one of my collector car friends.  A few years ago he opened the door of his vintage in April to learn that his car had become home to mice, who used his car's upholstery for their nests.  Amazing as it sounds, mice can get through the smallest openings.  They are very determined creatures.  Protecting your car's interior is only one step you take for winter storage.   Anti-freeze should be checked to make sure it's not only at  proper protection level but that it's not going to cause any motor damage.  At the very least a battery disconnect switch should be installed and at best the battery should be removed for the winter.  Some collectors like trickle chargers.  If that's your preferences, read the directions carefully.  I also recommend washing your collector car before putting it away and covering it with a soft, breathable cover.  

What precautions do you recommend?



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