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World of Rubber; Gone forever?

By Steven S. Brooks Published: September 22, 2008

It was truly great news for the entire Northeast Ohio community when state and local officials, Goodyear executives and a progressive developer were able to agree on a plan to build Goodyear's new headquarters in Akron. Not only does this keep a lot of great, tax-generating jobs in town, it also maintains the prestige of having a Fortune 500 company based in our community.

One minor victim of this positive action may be the World of Rubber Museum, now based in Goodyear Hall, across the street from the current headquarters building. It's a bit dated and a little kitschy but, for car nuts, it's a hidden gem. Where else can you find a re-creation of Charles Goodyear's lab, an Indy car and moon vehilce tire all in the same spot?

I've made several calls to the museum over the past couple weeks asking about its fate. Although no one has definitively said that it will be eliminated, the general consensus of the people I've spoken with at Goodyear is that it will be closed when the move is made to the new headquarters. I know that heritage and institutional memory are things that are not highly prized in today's corporate world, but it would be a real shame to lose an interesting landmark such as this. Can anyone at Goodyear intervene? Can anyone else step in to save it?



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