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Would You Buy a GM Car?

By Steven S. Brooks Published: June 17, 2009

I received a form letter from a muckety-muck at GM yesterday. It thanked me for being a GM product owner (I still have the Chevy Suburban we bought new in '03) and politely asked that we continue to support their compnay by buying a new GM car.

To be honest, I've always been a Ford guy and most of the cars I own  today are of foreign provenance. Having said that, the Suburban has  served us flawlessly for the purpose which we purchased it. We have  been considering retiring it to occassional use and replacing it in  the daily fleet with something more efficient, so the GM letter was timely.

The purpose of the communication was to allay us of any fears related  to the company's recent bankruptcy filing. I would suggest that  bankruptcy is just one concern of GM's hope for future success. After  reviewing the offerings they have, not including the soon to be  discontinued Pontiac and Saturn lines, there's not much that appeals.  Sure, their quality is better than it has been in decades and there  are standout products such as the Corvette and newly re-introduced  Camaro but the rest of their offerings are automotive pablum. Even the  class dominating Suburban has been dumbed down with no 3/4 ton or  diesel options. That, to me, is the biggest obstacle to GM's future  viability as a major auto manufacturer.

Of course, I'm not an industry expert and these are just my opinions  and observations. What do you think of GM's future? Would you buy a  new GM car?



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