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Are you buying BP gas?

By Steven S. Brooks Published: June 25, 2010

Among car people, there has always been a controversy as to what brand of gas to buy. For years, the oil companies have been marketing exotic named fuels with mysterious additives that supposedly created miraculous results with your engine. The fact is, there really wasn't much difference between brands but it kept plenty of advertising types in jobs and gave gearheads something to jab each other about while bench racing.

 Today, the gas debate has taken on an aura of social consciousness.  Many people are very upset with BP's handling of oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and, as a result, have been boycotting the purchase of BP gasoline. There was a news report the other day that some station sales at BP stores were down an average of twenty percent. My question to you is, are you boycotting BP gas because of this issue or do you feel that BP is doing all they can to resolve this situation and should be supported in their efforts

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Gilmore and More

By Autosaurus Published: June 18, 2010

Just returned from my annual trip to the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan (just north of Kalamazoo) and was pleasantly surprised.  It's more accurate to call this a €œmuseum campus€ because more than one museum is located there.  In addition to the Gilmore Car Museum, which was established years ago, there are more museums€”and more on the way.  Right now, there's the Classic Car Club of America Museum, the Pierce-Arrow Museum and the just-opened Franklin Museum.  There's also the Tucker Archives.  A few months ago it was announced that the Cadillac-LaSalle Museum and Ford Model A Foundation are building their museums there.  In addition, the Lincoln Motor Car Museum board has announced its intentions to built its museum on the Gilmore Museum campus.  That'll be seven museums in total!  In addition to the great museums, there's a genuine old-time diner that serves food and a vintage Shell gas station.  Currently, the Gilmore Museum has a great drag racing exhibition, which should appeal to a lot of Akron area folks who remember those glorious days in Akron. Visit their web site for more information

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