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Cleveland Browns

Anderson's comments

By Marla Ridenour Published: September 30, 2007

Browns quarterback Derek Anderson's comments after the victory over the Ravens:

(On the TD to Braylon Edwards): It's always good to take a shot after a turnover. I think Chris (McAlister) kind of guessed and I threw it out there and Braylon made a great catch and finished it off for us.

I'm not sure if they messed the coverage up, but Ed was rolling over the top strong. I knew I had Braylon on a chance with Chris and Chris kind of stuttered his feet a little bit. I threw it out there and let him make a play. I was just reading, going off Ed.

(offensive output): I've felt it for a while. Guys have confidence in what we're doing. We've had good weeks of practice. That's a tough defense and guys really studied it and knew their stuff going in.

(Offensive line): They're playing awesome. I told them today, that's a heckuva job. The second game I haven't been really touched. I got hit a couple times, guys bouncing. They're picking up the blitz great, run-blocking great. I'm happy with the way we're playing.

(offense): I wouldn't say it's a surprise. We've done it in practice, we've seen the playmakers we have on offense and it's carrying it over to the game.

(fast start): That first drive let them know we were going to be physical, we were going to make plays and it forces them to show their hand a little bit. We got in a nice little rhythm. We only had six or seven plays and we had two touchdowns. Got the adrenalin going a little bit, that's big. When it starts like that, it's great.

(Rob Chudzinski's offense): Shift, motion, it's nothing that we're out there doing that's amazing. We're making the defense think and we're catching it here and there. At the beginning we had two 3-yard runs and then we pop one. They're trying to make adjustments to our formations. It sets the tone for them rather than them setting the tone for us.


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