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Cleveland Browns

As usual, Ryan shoulders blame for TD

By Stephanie Storm Published: November 20, 2009

Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan took full blame for his defense not having enough men on the field in the third quarter when Ravens running back  Ray Rice's sprinted 13 yards into the endzone untouched for the game's first touchdown in Monday nights 16-0 loss to Baltimore at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

"(Baltimore) hurried up and I was (mad) at the guy for giving up a completion in double coverage and your emotions get the better of you then," Ryan said. "Then some jerk runs me over with the chain. "(Heck), I should of just called time out  there, but I looked up and saw Mike Adams (midway between the sideline and the formation when the ball was snapped)...I couldn't get the people out there fast enough. That one's squarely on my shoulders."

Then jokingly Ryan added: "Mathematically there was 11 out there, we just didn't have him (out there where he should have been)."


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