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Cleveland Browns

Bowens: 'It all boils down to technique'

By Marla Ridenour Published: October 25, 2009

Browns linebacker David Bowens discussed the team's defensive struggles after giving up 460 yards in a 31-3 loss to Green Bay Sunday:

''We can't have half the guys playing for a shot and half the guys playing for a run and their backs are turned. A lot of it is man coverage. When we have man coverage, a lot of the secondary's backs are turned and they can't see if it's run or pass. We've got to raise our awareness level.''

(Isn't this about talent?) ''If we called one call the whole game, I think could be successful. It's all about disguising, not giving the quarterback a clean read on what we're doing. It all boils down to our technique. I personally think I can stop anybody.''

(shouldn't you be on the same page after 7 games? "Seven games, there's no excuses and we should. Obviously we're not. I'm going to do my best to correct it, try to get everybody on the same page so we all have one eye out there.''

(Thought you had those big plays fixed?) ''I thought we did. Green Bay saw an opportunity on a couple of our calls. They were obvious audibles to what we were doing. They did a good job of executing. They got the right guys catching the ball, great catch-and-run type of guys.''

(You guys were blitzing on Driver TD and they threw to that spot?) "They got us, that's football, though. As the game went on we started making is minor adjustments. But the bottom line is we have to have to prevent those type of plays. Each defense has specific rules and we have to follow them.''


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