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Brady Quinn press conference transcript

By dan Published: September 24, 2009

Here are the quotes from Brady Quinn's press conference on Wednesday.

(On how he is doing)– “I feel good. I’m ready to go.”

(On if he is still optimistic)– “Yes. I’m always optimistic. I think we can always take good things away from a game, even in defeat. Looking back on it, I feel like we’ve progressed in some areas and obviously we didn’t progress in other areas. That’s what we are trying to work on today.”

(On what he feels he is doing wrong)– “The overall operation of the huddle. Getting guys in and out, getting guys in the right positions. The checks have been pretty solid for us so far, and sometimes making a play we have to. Making a smart decision or making a more conservative play at times as well.”

(On what he doesn’t like about his performance)– “Turnovers are one key aspect. At the end of the game, just trying to make a play, trying to push the ball downfield and get some sort of touchdown at the end. We still had a timeout at the end of the game. I probably could have dumped it down again, taken the timeout and try to take another shot. Aside from that, I’m still looking forward to continuing to progress with this offense and the rest of our team.”

(On if he expected the first two games to go smoother)– “I’m always hopeful and always optimistic. Going into every game, you always feel extremely confident about the game plan you have and how things have gone, especially after you have a good week of practice, like we did last week. Again, we just have to get better as a whole, and continue to mesh as an offensive unit.”

(On if there were a couple plays on Sunday that he can point out that would have made a difference)– “It’s tough to point out specific plays. I know one in particular, I threw the ball a little high to (Mike) Furrey on third down. At that time of the game, had it been a completion, move the chains there, you never know what can happen. I don’t want to put it on one specific play. You can probably do that with a lot of things. It might have changed the momentum of the game at the time, but you never really know how it would have played out. You can’t always say what if.”

(On if he was referring to the pass attempt to Furrey early in the game)– “I don’t think it was early, actually I think it was in the third quarter if I’m not mistaken.”

(On if the ball was sailing on him because he was pressing during the game)– “Maybe at times, but I don’t feel it sailed. It sailed on me a couple times, but I think I just didn’t get my feet in order to make a more accurate throw at times. I think I might have been pressing during those particular throws. Outside of that though, I don’t feel like I’m pressing so much, I’m just trying to take what the defense gives us and not force bad decisions.”

(On if the wind played a major factor in Denver)– “I don’t think so. It was noticeably different from pregame but going into the game, I don’t think it affected a whole lot of the throws or anything like that. I’m never going to allow the wind to be an excuse for a missed throw.”

(On if Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan and Mark Sanchez have set the bar for young quarterbacks)– “Yes, I think so. They’ve done a great job. You have to give them a lot of credit but I think you have to give their team a lot of credit as well. Whether it’s Matt Ryan in Atlanta or Joe Flacco or Sanchez in New York, I think you’ve noticed that their whole team is really producing well. They have a solid running game, their special teams is putting them in good positions to make plays. It kind of opens things up more downfield for them.”

(On the challenges from Baltimore)– “Obviously from a personnel standpoint we know they bring a lot to the table. That’s something you have to deal with in this division. Playing in Baltimore is tough as well. They have a loud stadium there. We have our hands full this week, but we have a lot to work on this week on ourselves. We are going to focus on that and we’re going to focus on putting in a game plan that we feel confident in.”

(On if he feels he held the ball too long)– “Maybe at times. One of the problems with that is, we are putting ourselves in third and long. In those situations, if you want to convert, you have to wait for routes to get to the sticks in order to convert and that takes a little bit longer. It’s tough at times, sometimes you have to wait on it and sometimes you can’t.”

(On if he feels his first two years were wasted)– “No, I don’t think you can look at things like that. That’s not my mindset or attitude towards my first two years. I think I was able to adapt and I’ve learned a lot. That the situation I was presented with and I think when you look at the situation each quarterback walked in to they had a solid unit around them and they have been able to progress well as a team.”

(On if the offense needs to be more aggressive inside the red zone)- “Again, going back to it, I think we just need to have better production in general and better execution as a team in the red zone. That’s something, along with third down, that we haven’t done a good job of and we’re continuing to improve on every week.”

(On how much they need the running game to make the offense go)- “Having the running game also makes your job as a quarterback a lot easier. Going against the number one rush defense in the league doesn’t help that. We have a lot of things we’re trying to work on. We feel confident with our game plan going into the game.”

(On how he copes with losing)- “It’s tough. I think anytime you’re unaccustomed to these sorts of things, you can do one of two things. You can question why and start changing the habits in which you’ve built all along, and the habits that have got you to this point, or you continue to persist, push through and persevere. That’s more the person I am. I try to work extremely hard, whether it’s watching film or out there on the field, or wherever else. I’m going to continue to do that and we’re going to work through this and we’re going to go through it as a team.”

(On if it is fair to say that the base offense of this system is two tight ends)- “I wouldn’t say that. I don’t think you should try to put a limit on this offense, from a personnel standpoint.”

(On if this offense has the components to stretch the field and be aggressive)- “Without a doubt. You have to understand the best way to open up things downfield is to have a running game, to get more production there. I think that is something we’re working on, we’re trying to get better at, so when you do all those play action fakes they’re more meaningful and they can pull guys up.”

(On why he thinks the running game is not better than it is)- “I can’t point out particulars for you. I think we need to just get better as a whole, whether it’s my job or whatever else it may be. We just need to do a better job as a whole to help open up things and help put us in better situations.”

(On if he spends extra time working with Josh Cribbs)- “Yes, we try to get together outside of practice, or even in different periods when the defense is doing something and the offense isn’t. We try to find times to work on some of his routes. That’s the case with all our wide receivers are well. It’s not just Josh. We’re always trying to work on a little extra thing here and there to continue to build that relationship.”

(On if Mohamed Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie are ready to contribute)- “I can’t speak for them, but I think, from what I see, they do a great job in practice. They’ve done a great job with the opportunities they’ve had to get in the game. I have complete confidence in them.”

(On if using the no huddle more could help jump start the offense)- “That’s something that I feel has been a strength, running the offense so far, is being able to jump in and out of those sorts of situations. That helps your offense. You’re going to keep the defense on your toes. It stops them, at times, from substituting in personnel. Those are things we’ll have in this offense and I feel extremely confident in everything that we have installed and executing it.”

(On facing a dominant defense)- “It’s exciting. Anytime you go up against a tough opponent like this, you go against future hall of famers like Ray Lewis or Ed Reed, people like that, you get excited about that opportunity. It’s obviously very tough task for us, but something that we’re going to work as hard as we can to prepare for and be as confident as we can going into the game.”

(On who he trusts to tell him how he is playing)- “I don’t know. There’s probably a number of people, aside from our coaches. I still talk to Coach (Charlie) Weis pretty often. He’s busy with things, but every once in a while when he’s able to check out the game, he’ll give me some advice. My mom’s usually a pretty strong indication of that at well. She doesn’t know football that well, but she knows the difference between winning and losing and she’ll always let me know that. My dad and my uncle, my core group of friends, they’re always pretty blunt and pretty honest.”

(On if his family and friends have been tough on him the last two weeks)- “Oh yes. They’ll always be tough about things. That’s just them. You have to understand the people that are closest to you, want the best for you and they’re going to try to push you, just like anyone else has in my life.”

(On if he ever wonders where he fits in with the quarterbacks in the division)- “Not necessarily, that’s not really my main concern. I think your main concern is really winning and trying to do your best you can every week to win. If you take care of that, I think you get placed in whatever order you want at the end of the season.”

(On if he feels more pressure to play well against divisional opponents)- “I think you always have to play well though. I mean, it’s not like you’re going to say that going into six of the 16 games. You always have to play well. You always have to be up to the challenge, no matter who you’re playing.”

(On if there is a sense of pressing)- “No, I think if there’s a sense of pressing it’d be more, we want to put points on the board. We want to do better on third down, do better on red zone. Those are all things that are going to come as we continue to mesh and develop as an offense.”

(On if he has learned anything about the Ravens from watching them from the sidelines the past two years)- “Yes, like you said, there is an emotional element that comes into when those guys play at home. They’re tough to beat at home. It’s not only loud, but those leaders like Ray (Lewis) and Ed (Reed), they’re extremely vocal and they get those guys fired up. If you can, you want to try to be ahead. You don’t want to try to put yourself in a hole, because that’s a tough place to come back from. Aside from that, they do a great job of game planning specific offenses and just making plays when there’s an opportunity to make a play. Ray’s play last week in San Diego is a pure example of that.”

(On if he lost any sharpness in the two years when he wasn’t playing)- “I don’t think so. Sometimes it’s hard to get completely meshed in with things when you first get into it. When you don’t have years of playing with the same wide receiver, like a Peyton Manning, etcetera, they’re able to kind of have that nonverbal communication down a little bit easier then when you’re kind of in there playing and you’re coming into your third game with a wide receiver.”

(On if the first words out of his mom’s mouth after the Denver game were about the sacks)- “No. She always knows I’m going to be okay. She’s just more upset about the overall outcome.”


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