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Brady Quinn: Wednesday transcript

By Marla Ridenour Published: October 14, 2009

Q) House for sale indicate you're not going to be here?

"No, that indicates a house is up for sale. I appreciate the free advertising though. Hopefully I'll get a bid. But it doesn't have anything to do with what we're here for ... It's a private issue that doesn't have anything to do with what this team's preparing to do right now."

Q) Do you understand the speculation and correlation?

"I'm a guy who doesn't want to drive 30 minutes to the facility every day, I'm a bachelor, I live in a house that's too much upkeep for me."

Q) Looking for another house?

"Well, probably not if I'm trying to downsize from a house. I'm probably looking for something else."

Q) With the trading deadline coming up next Tuesday, would you welcome a trade given your current situation with this team?

"Um, I mean it's tough to obviously play out a hypothetical like that in this point in time. Obviously I want to play and I think I'm good enough to play in this league. But I'm here right now to do the best I can for this team."

Q) Would you ask for a trade before Tuesday?

"No, that's not my nature to do something like that. I've got a contract here with the Browns and I intend to play that out."

Q) Tough to be the one holding the clipboard again?

"Yes, unfortunately I have to hold a clipboard again this year. But, no, it is tough. Like I said before, for me, I really feel like in order for me to continue to get better is to continue to play and get on the field. That's just how it is from my perspective. But that's not the situation I'm presented with. So I'm going to keep working, keep on practicing hard and hopefully the opportunity will come."

Q) What are the extent of your practice reps now?

"Again, it's no different than when I was in there starting, too. The starter is going to get all the reps and the backup is going to do all he can for the scout team to help prepare our defense."

Q) 3 years in, thought you'd be farther along?

"Yeah, I'd hope so. But again, I think it's foolish of me to speculate or think I know better. That's not in God's plan, and also not in God's will. So again, I'm going to continue to try to persevere and continue to work.''

Q) Have you talked to coach Mangini about some of these things that have come to light?

"We haven't talked about some of the things that I'm sure you guys have written about the past few days. Again, that's not the scenario, so there's no reason to keep playing hypothetical scenarios.''

Q) Is your relationship the same with the coaches as it was in training camp?

"I'd say so. I mean, I get less time with them due to the situation not starting. You're always going to prepare your starters as much as you can for the game."

Q) Lost job after 10 quarters. Are you satisfied with coach's decision?

"That's not the scenario we're faced with so, my opinion of the whole situation doesn't matter. I'm here to play. I'm not the head coach. So that's something that doesn't matter in the long run."

Q) You've had a more unusual path than most...?

"Yes, it's been a little bit unique. But then again there's been a lot of turnover as far as the coaches, the front office and with the people who drafted me. So at this point in time all you can do is to continue to work hard and try to get better."

Q) You've had two weeks to reflect on your 2 1/2 games. Have you concluded anything new about what happened out there?

"Um, not really. I mean, I think the teams we played were pretty legit. You know, it's probably hard to go into those games knowing whether or not they were going to be as good as they were. You know, both Denver and Minnesota were as good as they were."

Q) Contract, lost money if not get 70 percent of snaps...

"Well again, uh, that's money I never had. How can you lose money you don't have? Those sorts of things, it's not about that for me. I want to try to better and see what I can do in this league. And it just would be nice to be back out on the field and continue to try and get better that way."

Q) Do you think the Browns decision was purely football (related)?

"I don't know. Again, it's something I can't speculate on. I'm a young guy in this league and I don't know how that stuff works."

Q) Have you asked to be traded?

"I have not. I don't know where that came from. I have not asked to be traded. That's something that I won't do."

Q)This is the place you wanted to be, does that make this more difficult?

"I think so. Just because when things don't work out the way you want in a place you really want to be ... You want to make things work out for the best. But sometimes that's not necessarily how things work."

Q) Given up hope of playing here?

"No, I always got hope of playing here and turning things around for the best here. You have to."

Q) Would you ask for trade in the off-season?

"That's a long time away. There's a lot of football ahead of us. There's no reason to look past this week for us right now. This is a big game for us."

Q) How do you handle this?

"It's pretty easy. Regardless of what you guys want to say and write, I'm still very fortunate to be in the position I am. People can say what they want, but there's only a few amount of people in the world who are able to be an NFL quarterback. And I feel very fortunate to be blessed by God to be here."

Q) Was there any point in Buffalo where you thought you might be going into the game)?

"Uh, no. I mean, it wasn't necessarily a thought in my head ... When that time comes I think coach will give me some sort of indication and there wasn't any.''

Q) With the history of this series does the franchise have a psychological barrier to busting through against Pittsburgh?

"I don't think so. Again, I think that stuff changes year to year. And with the momentum we've built, we're continuing to progress week in and week out. We're just going to try to do the best we can to get better this week. It's a new year and you can't look back at the history of things like that."

Q) Why are you selling your house?

"Like I said, it's a personal issue, one that has nothing to do with us playing Pittsburgh this week. I'm human like everyone else. I have reasons for wanting to sell a house besides ... I appreciate the free advertising, so keep pumping it out there."


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