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Brother of QB Colt McCoy rips Browns on Twitter, later apologizes

By Nate Ulrich Published: June 16, 2012

University of Texas quarterback Case McCoy fell for a prank on Twitter that apparently led him to believe the Browns traded his older brother, quarterback Colt McCoy, so the younger McCoy reacted by blasting the organization on Friday night.

Although Case McCoy prematurely lashed out, those feelings of frustration might resurface because the Browns could certainly trade Colt McCoy at some point this summer. Citing unnamed sources, Daniel Jeremiah of reported this evening that the Browns are shopping Colt McCoy and looking for minimal compensation.

During a news conference Thursday, Browns President Mike Holmgren said “right now the plan is not to” move Colt McCoy or quarterback Seneca Wallace before training camp begins in late July. But Holmgren also said "plans change" and warned “you shouldn’t be surprised by anything” when asked whether the team would be open to listening to trade offers for Colt McCoy or Wallace.

“I think you are open to listen to every phone call,” Holmgren said. “You talk about stuff. If we think it’s a good thing [that can] make the Cleveland Browns better, then we would consider it.”

On Tuesday, Wallace said there's "probably not" enough room for him and Colt McCoy on the roster, even though Browns coach Pat Shurmur said he could see both players sticking around.

Either way, the Browns are expected to eventually name rookie Brandon Weeden, the 22nd overall pick in this year’s draft, their starting quarterback for the upcoming season. And the thought of the franchise discarding Colt McCoy obviously bothers Case McCoy.

“Good luck Brandon [Weeden]!” Case McCoy tweeted. “Fan of you, but my brother's pulling the lucky straw on this one! Cleveland is only going downhill!”

After Case McCoy learned his brother had not been traded, he tweeted the following on Friday night: “Fake ESPN accounts are nuts... Got me fired up over nothing! Still kinda meant what I said.”

Case McCoy deleted the “going downhill” tweet today and apologized. His Twitter account is not verified, but John Bianco, an assistant athletics director for media relations at Texas, confirmed in an e-mail response to the Beacon Journal that the account in question belongs to Case McCoy.

“Want to apologize for my tweet last night,” Case McCoy tweeted this afternoon. “It was definitely uncalled for and not at all what I stand for! Blood just runs deeper than sport colors. I'm thankful to be playing the sport I love. But with that comes responsibility and I didn't handle that well last night.”

So after causing quite a stir, it’s probably a safe bet that Case McCoy would think twice about tweeting if his brother is actually traded.


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