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Browns CEO Joe Banner says QB likely won't be target with No. 6 pick, Brandon Weeden to get chance

By Nate Ulrich Published: February 23, 2013

Joe Banner

Browns CEO Joe Banner indicated it’s unlikely the organization would use the sixth overall pick in this year’s draft on a quarterback and said the team will give incumbent starter Brandon Weeden his best chance to succeed.

“It’s not the focus of our thinking,” Banner said of drafting a quarterback at No. 6. Banner spoke to local reporters this morning at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Banner insisted his statement about the team's quarterback situation is not a smokescreen.

“I will not lie to anybody here,” Banner said. “I will not mislead you. I may not answer you. I may be incomplete in my answer. So I’m not telling you we would or wouldn’t pick a quarterback in the first round or the second round. I’m just not doing that. But I’m also kind of I think implying that that’s not what I expect to have happen. I just don’t play that game.”

The Browns don’t have a second-round pick, but Banner didn’t rule out trading down to acquire one.

When asked if the Browns have discussed trading for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, Banner said they have explored all possibilities to acquire competition for Weeden. But Banner also said he believes Weeden can be better in his second NFL season and benefit from being coached by offensive coordinator Norv Turner.

“We see potential there we want to work with,” Banner said. … “We’re going to give Brandon his best chance to succeed.”

For my highlights from Banner's chat with reporters, check out my Twitter profile.


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