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Browns LG Jason Pinkston hopes to play football again, has new outlook after health scare

By Nate Ulrich Published: December 14, 2012

Browns left guard Jason Pinkston was placed on injured reserve on Oct. 22 after doctors discovered he had a blood clot in his lung.

Pinkston, 25, met with reporters today and conducted his first interview with reporters since his season ended. He has been working out and plans to resume his football career.

Here is what Pinkston had to say:

On how he feels: "Feeling pretty good can't complain. Working out, playing basketball just waiting to get back to next year. Feeling good, no complaints. I feel normal, like nothing ever happened."

On what doctors have told him: "I could be one of the people it just happened or I got rolled up in the game or something like that. They weren't too sure. All of my tests came back good. No cancers or anything like that, so I mean, I'm excited about that."

On if he plans to play next season: "Yeah, I have to wait. I still have to get an MRI, or a CT Scan before I start activities again, since I'm not going to be doing that for the rest of the year I don't have to get it until later on."

On the blood thinners he has been taking: "They just have you on bloodthinners for six months or so, so I'm coming down to two or three months left. I'm doing pretty good. He said it was routine, just stay on the medicine, don't cut anything, don't get in trouble like that. Other than that, I've been good, just relaxing and just watching the Browns win.

On how scary it was: "It was pretty scary. He said if I would've stayed in that game versus Cincinnati, if I would've gotten hit or taken a shot or something like that, I could've probably died then so I'm all happy about it that I'm still here."

On how thankful he is to be able to resume his career: "Pretty thankful. I mean that's scary, especially not knowing. I was pretty sick with bronchitis that whole week and a little bit before, so I thought I was just sick."

On the support he received from teammates and fans: "Tons. It's a lot. I can't complain at all about that. They've been very supportive. A lot of visits to the hospital when I was there, so it's been good. Everything's been really good."

On if his outlook on life has changed: "Oh, absolutely. There's things going on every day where people are dying. Look at the shooting in Connecticut, with all those kids dying. So it's definitely a different outlook."


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