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Browns linebacker Paul Kruger on Brian Hoyer vs. Johnny Manziel: ‘In my mind, Hoyer’s the guy’

By Nate Ulrich Published: June 16, 2014

Browns outside linebacker Paul Kruger made some interesting comments about the team’s quarterback competition today during a radio interview with KFAN (1320-AM), a station based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kruger made it clear that he’s in veteran Brian Hoyer’s corner. Hoyer will enter training camp in late July as the starting quarterback, coach Mike Pettine said last week, and he’ll attempt to hold off rookie Johnny Manziel.

So how does Kruger see the competition playing out?

“Obviously, that’s up to the staff and coaches, so they’ll make that decision,” said Kruger, who won a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens to finish the 2012 season. “But in my mind, Hoyer’s the guy. Hoyer came in, won us four games [actually he went 3-0 as a starter last season], unfortunately got hurt [torn ACL], but the guy was on fire when he was healthy. He’s proven himself at different levels and has worked extremely hard.

“He looked great in the spring. He had limited activity just because of his knee. They want to keep him healthy. But you let the preseason go, see how they look and then make a decision. In my mind, Hoyer has been a good leader for us and somebody who has been able to win us some games. So it’s tough to say, but I think the preseason will be a big deal for both of them.”

Kruger also let on that he might be a bit annoyed by “Manzielmania.”

Asked if he’s tired of all the talk about Manziel and if it’s been a distraction, Kruger laughed and said, “I’m a little tired hearing about him. No, it hasn’t been a distraction. It really hasn’t. It brings some excitement. The guy was a hell of a player in college. A lot of respect for what he did at Texas A&M. But he’s been working hard. He’s a good guy. I haven’t been able to spend too much time with him, but he seems like a really good kid. He works his tail off, so I’m excited to see what he can produce. It’s definitely an exciting move for us. It’s created a lot of attention. More media has been at our facility than I’ve ever seen. So I think it’s a good thing.”


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