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Browns QB Brandon Weeden discusses issue of batted passes

By Marla Ridenour Published: July 3, 2013

Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden discussed passed knocked down at the line, one of the biggest weaknesses during his rookie year, during a Wednesday interview with "NFL AM" on the NFL Network. credited Weeden with a league-high 21 batted balls in 2012. That sparked questions, especially since Weeden is 6-foot-4 and the problem is usually an issue for quarterbacks who stand around 6-foot.

"You really can't work on it," Weeden told NFL Network. "It's something that if you think about it all the time, it will probably create more problems. I think there are a lot of reasons they happen. One being me patting the football, which I've talked about is one thing I've worked on this offseason to get rid of the habit of patting the football before you release it. That just gives those guys an extra half a second to jump up and bat it down.

"It's just a part of taking three-step drops from under center, as well. When you are under center you are not very far from the line of scrimmage and you are trying to throw over guys that are (6-foot-4), (6-foot-5), with long arms. You got to throw it through the windows. Unfortunately, it happened last year. I don't know why, but I'm going to do my part, whatever I got to do to throw around those guys to make it happen."

Here's more of what Weeden had to say (transcript courtesy of NFL Network):

On what it is like working with offensive coordinator Norv Turner: “Norv is obviously very great at what he does, so him coming in and me being the guy to be his next guy in line, he’s developed some great quarterbacks. So for me, I’m excited, this offense is excited. We have a lot of really good pieces in place at wide receiver and at tight end. This is an exciting time. We’re moving full-speed ahead. In [minicamp] we had 16 great practices and we look forward to building on it come training camp.”

On if he feels more comfortable than he did at this time last year: “No question. That was my feeling leaving OTAs and minicamp. This point where I was last year compared to this year, just the comfort level; I’ve seen stuff more than once and I got my feet wet so now I have a feeling of what needs to be done to play on a weekly basis. That’s not to say it’ll ever be easy; it’s a tough league but after a year like we had last year, it kind of motivated me to come back and be even stronger in year two.”

On his expectations for running back Trent Richardson this season: “I expect him to have an even better year than last year. Trent was playing with broken ribs for eight weeks and still ran with the same mentality that he ran with when he was healthy. He’s a tough guy, a guy you want in your backfield, a guy you love to hand the ball to as many times as you can because he makes your team better. Trent is a good teammate but he’s a heck of a football player. We need him to be healthy, we need him to be 100 percent and like I said, he’s a guy that can make an offense a lot better. I’m excited to have Trent back out there and come training camp he’ll be ready to go. Like I said, I didn’t get to hand it to him much in OTAs so I look forward to having him back on the field.”

On tight end Jordan Cameron: “Jordan is one of the most athletic big guys I’ve ever been around in any sport. He’s extremely talented. He’s still learning the game essentially; he’s a basketball player that has all of the athletic ability in the world and has great hands, great route runner. He creates mismatches; that’s what I tell people. You put a corner or you put a safety on Jordan, it’s a mismatch and that’s what we like to do offensively. I’m excited for Jordan, he’s going to be a great player for us. This offense [under Norv Turner] fits him extremely well, obviously seeing what they did with Antonio Gates in San Diego. It’s got to be exciting for him and I know it’s exciting for me to throw it to a guy like that because he has big-play capability and I’m excited to see what kind of year he has.”


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