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Browns QB Colt McCoy reiterates to Dan Patrick: 'I don’t remember' James Harrison hit

By Nate Ulrich Published: June 8, 2012

In an interview this morning with The Dan Patrick Show, Browns quarterback Colt McCoy reiterated he doesn’t remember the vicious helmet-to-face mask hit he took from Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison Dec. 8 at Heinz Field. McCoy told reporters the same thing at his locker after the game.

McCoy told Patrick he has seen replays of the hit and he doesn't consider it a cheap shot.

McCoy suffered a concussion as a result of the blow, which he absorbed with about six minutes left in the fourth quarter of the Browns’ 14-3 loss. Controversy ensued because McCoy missed two plays, then re-entered the game without the Browns’ medical staff testing him for a concussion on the sideline.

McCoy missed the final three games last season because of lingering symptoms. Harrison received a one-game suspension.

On Dec. 29, McCoy met with reporters for the first time since the night he suffered the concussion and declined to answer specific questions about what he remembered or didn't remember about Harrison’s hit, what occurred on the sideline following the play and his symptoms.

McCoy, though, revealed some of those details during his interview with Patrick. He also discussed his feelings about the Browns drafting quarterback Brandon Weeden 22nd overall in April.

The following are some excerpts from Patrick’s interview with McCoy:

What do you remember about the hit?: “Well, I’ve seen it several times. I don’t remember it.”

Nothing?: “No.”

Even before you’re getting hit, anything right after?: “It’s hard going back. I know the things that happened up to that point. But from the hit, beyond that, I don’t remember much.”

Ever hear from James Harrison after the hit?: “No.”

Would you have liked to?: “He is an outstanding football player. I think everyone will agree on that. He plays in our division. They’re a rival against us, so I didn’t expect to hear from him.”

Was it a cheap shot?: “No, I don’t think so.”

You think that’s a football hit?: “In all the rules, I’m outside the pocket, I’m trying to make a play. I’ve seen the hit. I’ve watched it. Again, I don’t remember it, so I don’t know.”

Do you have after effects from hit?: “At this point, I feel great. Last year, I don’t think there was really a good reason to go back in and play. I never felt good enough. I didn’t pass enough tests to be able to go back and play the rest of the year. Since I’ve recovered from that, I have not had or experienced any symptoms. I feel really healthy. My body feels about as good as it’s felt in a long time. And so, no, I feel completely recovered from it.”

Did you have any light sensitivity or headaches?: “I’ve had those right after and four, five, six weeks after that. But I’m completely recovered. I haven’t experienced any symptoms in a long time, and I’ve been completely cleared from all the doctors that I went to see.”

When Weeden was drafted, did your agent ask the Browns to look to trade you?: “I don’t know.”

You don’t know?: “No, I don’t know. I don’t think so. I mean from my standpoint, what I was told is I’d get to come in here and get to compete for a job. And for me, that’s all I needed to hear. … Let’s not make this about me versus Brandon. I mean I think we can all agree let’s talk about what’s best for the Browns. We need to win football games. The fans deserve that. The city deserves that. We want that more than anything and so I hope we continue to make that the focus.”

As Patrick wrapped up the interview, he told McCoy it's a tough situation, thinks the odds are stacked against him and encouraged him to keep his head up: “You’re right. It is. But I will continue to be the best I can be and do the right thing.”


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