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Browns QB Seneca Wallace says it's his job to make sure Brandon Weeden is ready to play

By Nate Ulrich Published: May 1, 2012

Cleveland Browns quarterback Seneca Wallace passes during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game against the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday, Sept. 19, 2010, in Cleveland. Wallace passed for 229 yards and a touchdown in the 16-14 loss to Kansas City.

In a radio interview this afternoon with 92.3 The Fan, Browns quarterback Seneca Wallace discussed the organization’s choice to draft Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden in the first round (22nd overall) last week and how the pick could impact the team’s quarterback situation.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

What is your reaction to the Browns picking Weeden in first round?: “From a business standpoint, you know and everybody else knows that this kid’s got to play. At the end of the season, they evaluated on the games that I played,. They evaluated Colt [McCoy] on the two seasons he started here in Cleveland. They made the decision that to better this team we need to go out and get a draft pick and a quarterback in the first round. So you don’t worry about it. You’ve gotta be professional about it, and just prepare yourself for the upcoming season. I know my job going into my 10th season and being in this offense for 10 years now is to prepare Brandon Weeden and get him right and make sure he’s ready to go Day 1 ‘cause he’s gonna be thrust into that role.”

The knock on you is that you don’t want to mentor other quarterbacks. Would you address that?: “That is not the case. The thing was last year going into the season, it was an open competition with me and Colt McCoy. I said if Colt was to ask me about anything related to the West Coast system, ask me for tips, I was willing to do that for him. As the competitor that I am, I still wanted to go out and play the sport and play in the West Coast system and try to earn a spot to be the starter. I couldn’t give him all my tips. I didn’t want to give him all the way, but if he asked, I was willing to help. Once we got into the season and the season evolved, he was a guy, when he asked me for any type of [advice] -- ‘Hey, what’s my drops here? What do I gotta do here?’ – I was willing to help him on that. So it’s not that I don’t want to help anybody else or nothing like that, but that was a different situation. Going into 2012 now with Brandon Weeden coming in, he’s a first-round draft pick. We all know the business side of it. You’re gonna see that kid playing on Sundays. If it’s Week 1 or if it’s Week 7, he’s gonna be playing. So my job as a veteran guy is to make sure he’s ready to play. It was just a different situation than it was from 2012 to 2011.”

Could the Browns keep you and McCoy as backups behind Weeden?: “I don’t know. That’s a sticky situation. I think from a management standpoint, they’ll make sure they make the right decision for this organization. ... You never know what kind of reaction they might get [from the fans] if both the guys are around. Obviously Colt last year was the starter. Now they drafted another kid, bring another kid in to pretty much replace me and Colt. So you never know what kind of reaction you’re gonna get. It’s just a sticky situation, and I’m sure that management here in Cleveland will make sure they make the right decision.”


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