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Cleveland Browns

Browns rank 35th on Forbes' list of world's 50 most valuable sports teams

By Nate Ulrich Published: July 16, 2014

The Browns are on the rise. Well, at least in terms of their net worth.

The Browns are ranked 35th on Forbes’ list of the world’s 50 most valuable sports teams of 2014 with an estimated value of $1.005 billion. Last year, they were 34th on the list at $987 million.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam bought the team for $1.05 billion in 2012. Considering the celebrity of rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel, the Browns will likely ascend Forbes' list next year.

With 30 of 50 entries, the NFL dominates the most recent list, which published online today.

The Browns are ranked 22nd among the NFL teams on the list. They were 21st last year.

The Browns are also third among AFC North teams for the second year in a row. They’re behind the Baltimore Ravens (19th overall, ninth in NFL, $1.227 billion) and Pittsburgh Steelers (27th overall, 14th in NFL, $1.118 billion) but ahead of the Cincinnati Bengals (43rd overall, 27th in NFL, $924 million).

The Dallas Cowboys ($2.3 billion) are ranked fifth overall and first among NFL teams. The New England Patriots (eighth overall, second in NFL, $1.8 billion), Washington Redskins (ninth overall, third in NFL, $1.7 billion) and New York Giants (10th overall, fourth in NFL, $1.55 billion) also cracked the top 10.

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders are the only NFL teams that didn’t make the cut.

European soccer powers account for the top-three richest teams. Real Madrid tops the entire list for the second consecutive year at $3.44 billion. Barcelona ($3.2 billion) is second, and Manchester United ($2.81 billion) is third.


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