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Browns rookie Johnny Manziel's middle-finger salute prompts laughter from Washington's players

By Nate Ulrich Published: August 19, 2014

Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel was so rattled by Washington's trash talking in the second preseason game Monday night that he gave the opposing bench a middle-finger salute late in the third quarter.

For Manziel and coach Mike Pettine's reaction, read our story about the Browns' 24-23 loss by clicking here.

As for Washington's players, what did they think about it?

"It was hilarious," Washington linebacker Brian Orakpo told "We were messing with him a little bit, just saying this ain't college and stuff like that. We were having a little fun.

"Manziel flipped us off. It was something funny. We were all laughing on the sidelines."

Safety Ryan Clark also told the following: "We saw it. I don't care -- it's funny. Nobody cares. It's football. I'm sure if he had the opportunity to turn around and say it, he would have."

Orakpo taunted Manziel by repeatedly mimicking Johnny Football's signature hand gesture for making money. Orakpo did it after linebacker Ryan Kerrigan sacked Manziel in the first quarter. Orakpo rubbed his fingers together again after Manziel's off-target pass to Josh Gordon fell incomplete on third down in the second quarter.

Orakpo said he tried to get Kerrigan to do the money sign, too.

"I thought about it, but that's not cool," Kerrigan said. "That's not me. It would have been out of character. We talked about it before, but I chickened out."

Manziel said he didn't notice Orakpo using the money gesture because he was focused. But he clearly wasn't focused enough to tune out what Orakpo and others were saying.

"I think we won that battle with Manziel," Washington linebacker Perry Riley told "Him flipping us off, that's just extra."

Manziel's agent, Erik Burkhardt playfully weighed in on his client flipping the bird after the game.

"It looked to me like he was hand-signaling the next play call/formation," Burkhardt wrote on Twitter.

Manziel, though, didn't think it was a laughing matter when Browns communications coordinator Rob McBurnett pulled him aside on the sideline after Manziel's middle finger stole the show. In the video below, McBurnett delivered the news that Manziel had been caught on camera flipping the bird.


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