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Cleveland Browns

Browns take a beating on Showtime

By Marla Ridenour Published: September 30, 2009

NFL analysts Warren Sapp and Phil Simms were not kind to the Browns on this week's ''Inside the NFL'' on Showtime Wednesday night.

In the segment called ''Sapp Shots,'' ex-defensive lineman Sapp discussed whether the 0-3 Browns are the worst team in the league since Detroit won last weekend.

''Why would you go to Cleveland if you were a free agent?'' Sapp said, in excerpts transcribed by parent company CBS. ''Do you go there for the weather? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? We know the fine system is totally screwed up.''

Simms, who quarterbacked the New York Giants to a Super Bowl victory, cited the Browns quarterback problems, lack of skill players and lack of a pass rush.

''They don’t have the skilled players,'' Simms said. ''They let Kellen Winslow go and they don’t have anyone that is hitting the quarterback on a consistent basis. It is hard to win.''

Simms said coach Eric Mangini compromised Derek Anderson's influence in the locker room by not naming him as the starter this week until Wednesday.

''It takes away 50 percent of your power,'' Simms said. ''Now it’s all just about physically delivering the goods. Because the quarterback, and I was taught this way by Bill Parcells, you’re the second most powerful person in the organization. The head coach has power, then the quarterback has the ability to influence all the other players by the way he works, the way he handles himself, the way he leads. And if he does that right, say he’s a hard worker just in the weight room, some free agent sees him, he works hard, maybe the free agent now runs down on the kickoff team, makes the tackle and that’s the difference of winning or losing a football game.

''He does have a lot of power because to everybody it’s the position, what it means. Believe me when I tell you, when things go wrong, those players in the locker room, who is the first player they’re going to blame? They’re going to blame the quarterback.''

Sapp agreed that the quarterback has that kind of influence.

''There are three people on the football team you don’t bother with -- the head coach, the quarterback and the kicker,'' Sapp said.


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