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Browns training camp: Transcript from news conference with coach Rob Chudzinski

By Nate Ulrich Published: August 14, 2013

Browns coach Rob Chudzinski met with reporters today after the 17th full-squad practice of training camp. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

Opening statement: “Good morning. We will get started here with the injury update. Montario Hardesty will have a knee scope. His knee’s been nagging him for a little bit. This is unrelated to the hamstring tendon that he had injured, that had kept him out earlier in camp. He is going to have a scope tomorrow on that. We have T.J. Conley has a slight groin strain. We held him out today and we will see how he feels tomorrow. It will be a game-time decision. Jordan Norwood has the same hamstring. We will let you know tomorrow.”

On Chris Faulk: “He had a scope as well, two days ago on the same knee as the ACL injury.”

On whether he knows Montario Hardesty’s timetable: “I don’t. We will have to see after he gets the scope. It’s just to clean it up.”

On the impact on the RB position with Hardesty out: “We will just have to see when he gets back and then balance that with the other guys and how they are doing and how they’ve done in the next couple weeks.”

On what he wants to accomplish at Thursday’s game: “I want to see progress. I want to see improvement from the first game in a number of areas. I think, ultimately, we want to have consistency. If you go and look at specifics of execution and detail, I want to continue to improve upon the identity we are creating in how we play. I want to go out and see these guys in different situations that come up and how they compete and react in those situations.”

On how to deal with Hardesty’s hard luck: “You have to keep coming back and keep fighting. I think that is the theme we have been talking about a lot. It applies everywhere in this game and he’ll make it back.”

On whether Hardesty’s injury was to the same knee he injured as a rookie: “I am not sure about that.”

On Dion Lewis and Brandon Jackson getting a lot of reps: “They’ve been playing that way so we will play them the same way. Going back, Dion has had a really good camp and showing things he can do. Brandon Jackson can run the football. It’ll be good to get Trent (Richardson) back again. (Chris) Ogbonnaya has shown his versatility in all areas, whether it is tailback or fullback.”

On whether Dion Lewis can be a No. 2 running back: “We will see. I think he has shown well this camp.”

On whether Leon McFadden will play: “We will wait and see tomorrow, but I would doubt it.”

On T.J. Ward’s status: “T.J. has been working all week long. I feel good about him. We will probably hold him for the game. Nothing is wrong. We just want to be smart about it and get ready for the season.”

On a timeframe for David Nelson getting healthy: “He’s improving. He is getting better. He is doing more and more every day. So hopefully, we can get him out here soon.”

On how many open roster spots are available: “All of them right now. There’s a lot that happens between now and when the roster comes together. I have been places before where they put the roster together at this time and there are still a couple weeks left. Guys can improve things. Injuries play into it as well, so it’s really a dynamic thing. To put a number on it now is just way too premature.”

On Ahtyba Rubin: “We saw this right from the get-go in the spring time. Rubin’s got an unbelievable motor and work ethic. I’ve said before, he’s a self-made player. I was here before and saw him as a rookie. He has come miles and miles from where he was at. He’s a great leader and a great guy to show people how to do things through example, and he’s an outstanding teammate.”

On Rubin as a player: “He’s relentless, outstanding against the runs. He’s really improved and worked on his pass rush. The adjustment from nose to defensive end, he has had no issue with that. He’s a guy that just comes here every day to work and get better.”

On if Chris Owens is going to play Thursday: “Yes he is.”

On how he views the competition with Owens and Buster Skrine: “Good. Both of those guys have really shown a lot. I’ve mentioned before that it is not about winning one position; it’s about showing that you can play and we will find a place for you. I am anxious to see him back out on the field, as well as Buster.”

On if Skine’s recent string of strong practices have stood out to him: “He has really improved. He is a guy that I see that on a daily basis. He has made some plays. He is getting more confident. That is the key. He has confidence in his technique and his ability. Louie Cioffi and Bobby Babich have been doing a great job with him. I think he is playing more confident and he is trusting his technique.”

On helping Skrine avoid penalties: “What I was just talking about is working on technique. From his movement standpoint, he has quickness and ability. His technique has gotten better and better. He trusts his techniques where he wouldn’t get into situations, where he would hold.”

On the tendency in the Browns defense under Ray Horton to create turnovers from the free-safety position: “We would like all of our guys to be able to create turnovers. That is something we want to do on defense. The safety position is a key in a lot of different ways to get guys lined up, making the right calls and being a play-maker as well. Whether that is from a coverage standpoint or as a run-support defender, I think that is a position where I have seen a lot of guys improve.”

On what Brian Hoyer has done so far: “I think Brian has done a nice job. He brings some experience to that position group. He has done a good job out here and with the opportunities he has had. We are just looking for consistency  overall from the quarterback position. I think that guys are making strides. We threw a lot of offense out there. Now we will start getting into games where it is less. They can zero in on their performances and look for consistency.”

On if he personally watched the tryout of Havard Rugland, who signed with Detroit: “I did. I saw him.”

On if it just wasn’t a good day that particular day: “He is a raw guy with ability. He did a fairly good job.  I think we were just sorting through exactly what we were going to do at that point. I haven’t kept up with how he’s doing now.”


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